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Fibreglass is a man-made material, known as a fiber-reinforced polymer, with various uses. Due to its low production cost, high flexibility, low weight and chemical resistance, fibreglass quickly gained recognition in the construction industry. Fibreglass ladders are one of many examples, how this material can be implemented into daily tasks. Drabest is a world-renowned leader in terms of providing technical solutions for construction workers and DIY hobbyists. We have developed a vast array of fibreglass ladders, which serve our clients throughout the UK and Europe. Technical examination has proved the superiority of fibreglass ladders when it comes to strength and long life cycle. Ladders made from fibreglass remain weather resistant, which is of paramount importance for any outdoor tasks. The construction site being exposed to rain quickly becomes a dangerous place, where a small misstep can result in a serious injury. Drabest's fibreglass ladders are completely free from absorbing moisture. Together with anti-slip rubber elements, they serve as a robust and safe tool for the whole industry.