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Fire escape ladders The vertical fire escape ladders offered by Drabest conform to the relevant standards, comply with the OHS regulations in force and have been certified accordingly. They ensure safety and user comfort both when working at heights and during emergencies. These ladders can be put together using any number of modules in order to reach the individually required height. The vertical fire escape ladders are attached permanently to building facades or machines. Their basic function is to guarantee safety when climbing the structures to which the ladder is affixed. All our ladders are delivered with a declaration of conformity and detailed assembly instructions. Basic elements of a fire escape ladder Our range of products includes ladders made of aluminum, galvanized steel or stainless steel. Each fire escape ladder is offered as a set comprised of wide and robust side rails, non-slip steps and a safety cage. Depending on the model, the steps are made of different profiles, while the safety cage can be manufactured from various materials. The total width of fire escape ladders is 540 to 560 mm, with the internal width always equal to 500 mm. Our sales specialists can help you make a well-informed decision double-checking that you