Ladder hoist


A ladder hoist is a light-weight aluminum device, perfect for aiding everyday construction or maintenance jobs. Allows to finish the job quicker and in a professional manner. Easy to assemble and disassemble. When folded, it can be conveniently transported and stored. The fully assembled hoist weighs 90 kg. This device lets you significantly quicken the pace and save yourself some precious time. Our hoist can lift up to 125 kg of material while traveling at the speed of 10 m per minute. It is equipped with a large carrier measuring 760 x 720 mm (base) and 230 x 720 mm (back), which is finished with a waterproof non-slip plywood. The carrier can be adapted to the type of transported materials that have non-standard measurements, such as long wooden beams. This is possible due to the foldable side gates. Our ladder hoist has obtained all the necessary certificates and complies with the OHS regulations. It will provide you and your employees with years of safe and comfortable work.