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Professional ladders We make sure you can feel safe and comfortable when using our ladders everyday. Our mission is to provide the professionals with trouble-free equipment that will facilitate their jobs for years to come. The ladders are compliant with all the relevant safety and durability standards specified both in country and European regulations. They also meet the applicable OHS requirements so that you and your employees can feel completely safe when working at heights. Types of professional ladders Ladders are used for everyday work, both outside and inside buildings. They are indispensable at construction sites, during overhauls and for finishing interiors. The wooden ladders can be safely used for jobs that involve electricity. However, the most popular products, chosen especially for the toughest jobs, are the leaning, combination and multi-purpose ladders, all made of aluminum. Each model has exceptionally robust side rails, non-slip rungs, additional stabilizers and specially designed feet that protect the ladder against slipping on the floor. Our professional ladders can be outfitted with a number of optional accessories for increased comfort and efficiency of work, such as bucket hooks, car roof rack ladder clamps, roof hooks and wheels for extending the ladder against the wall. Aluminum industrial ladders Our products are recommended by professionals. The combination of attractive price and outstanding versatility has already convinced thousands of specialists of all sorts. If the ladder is to be used intensively and on a frequent basis, it must comply with the strictest stability requirements, even on the uneven surface, and provide top safety. That