2x5 wooden household ladder 150 kg

Number of steps/rungs
A working height (m)
B height to platform (m)
C width of ladder (m)
D length of folded ladder (m)
G depth of folded ladder (m)
Weight (kg)

Our ladders are made entirely from impregnated pine wood. The impregnation helps keep the ladder in shape for many years, without blue stains or signs of mold. The 2x9 and 2x10 models are fitted with the third step made of hard beechwood for improved stability and durability. The remaining elements of the ladder are made of galvanized steel, including bucket hook mounted on the upper section of the ladder, chains protecting the ladder against spreading, reinforcing rods under the second step and hardware. It can be used for painting or a variety of other works carried out around the house and in the garden. It’s popular among interior finish and construction professionals. Since the ladder is wooden, it can also be used for working on electrical wiring systems. By choosing a product that is compliant with the European EN 131 standard, you can be certain that your new wooden ladder will be of the highest quality and will remain comfortable to work on for years to come. Ladders from Drabest have been chosen by thousands of professionals on several continents.

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