Drabest KAX 160/80 AC motor


Drabest is the only manufacturer of specialist motors for powering the railway traffic control devices in Poland. The production of our motors is based on the vast experience of El-Mechanika CO from which we have acquired the complete process line along with the technical documentation. Our motors deliver high quality and reliability, and have been proven in a variety of railway traffic control devices across the world. Each motor built in our plant complies with the strictest European standards and is required to pass a number of tests using a specially designed engine test stand. We do our best to ensure the trouble-free operation of the motor for many years to come. Every single motor has a quality control certificate and a 24-month warranty. We offer motors for powering the railway traffic control devices, such as points, barriers or track relays. Offering comprehensive support to our customers, we also specialize in professional overhauls of our motors. In refurbished motors, all worn out parts are replaced (the rotors are always replaced irrespective of their condition) and the stator is rewound. Each repaired motor is meticulously tested, including a test run on an engine test stand. The refurbished motors are offered with a 24-month warranty.