4x3-rung aluminum press-formed multi-purpose ladder with platform 150 kg

Production technology
Number of steps/rungs
Max. load capacity
Number of rungs
Load capacity (kg)
150 kg

An aluminum multi-purpose ladder that offers excellent user comfort and a wide variety of applications. It’s biggest advantage is the light-weight, compact structure that’s easy to unfold and then fold back. The ladder is equipped with two wide stabilizer bars, while the 4x3 model also has a work platform. One tool with so many possibilities! A set of reliable self-latching hinges ensures top safety regardless of the ladder’s arrangement. The ladder has non-slip corrugated rungs that improve its stability when on the job. The maximum load capacity amounts to 150 kg. This product has been chosen by thousands of professional users in Poland and abroad. The high quality of workmanship guarantees many years of trouble-free exploitation. The ladder’s safety and durability is proven by its compliance with the EN 131 standard. It can be arranged in four different ways. You won’t find any better equipment for whatever you need it for.