Aluminum IKAR rolling ladder scaffolding (multi-purpose ladder)


■ IKAR aluminum ladder scaffolding is a mobile structure for the construction industry

■ Wide working platform 1,30 x 0,60 [m]

■ 28x28 [mm] grooved rungs pressed to the profile

■ Stabilizer with a dimension 1,10 [m]

■ Special joints facilitate the assembly of the structure

■ Strong plastic wheels

■ 3in1: scaffolding, walk-in ladders, free-standing ladder!

■ Load capacity max. 150 kg

■ Quality EN 131


A multi-purpose rolling scaffolding for a wide variety of applications. Once disassembled, its elements can be used as an A-ladder, a leaning ladder or a work platform. The high-quality aluminum shows great resistance to adverse weather conditions. The scaffolding conforms to the EN 131 standard. It’s perfect for professional use as well as all kinds of jobs to be performed in households, while its robust and strong structure guarantees trouble-free exploitation for years to come. The scaffolding is easy to move around thanks to the included plastic wheels. Great quality to price ratio.