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How to buy online?

1. Registration and login.

To place on online order you can, but do not need to, register in the store. When you register you will need to share your personal and optionally the invoice data . If you choose not to register, personal data and / or data for the invoice will be asked for at check out. Both companies and individual clients can shop online. Data shared in the registration process is protected in accordance with the privacy policy and the online store Terms and Conditions of Drabest Sp. z o.o.

2. Creating a shopping list.

All products that you wish to order need to be added to your shoping cart. This creates a shopping list. You can choose from products available on the shop's website. Your shopping list must contain at least one product.

3. Selecting the place of delivery and shipping cost.

You can choose whether your purchases should be delivered to the address that appears on the invoice or to be sent to a different addres, specified by you

The cost of transport is included for 1 package up to 30 kg in 3 different versions, depending on the length of the ordered product.

When ordering larger quantities of products we suggest contacting the main office in order to determine the exact cost of transport:

12/280-54-94, h@drabest.pl.

4. Payment.

You can pay for purchases on delivery or by bank transfer to a bank account number specified by DRABEST.

5. Confirmation of the transaction.

After receiving the payment the order will be processed.

When ordering larger quantities of products, or a mixed range of products please contact the store (12 / 280-54-94, h@drabest.pl) to determine the exact cost of delivery.

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